Being an Ostrich…

I’ve always been overweight, as far back as I can remember; the main reasons being that I love eating but am not particularly fond of exercise. Arthur Norman Gell was born 12 weeks ago, and I got on the scales today to give me somewhere to begin.

Historically I’ve had spells of denial, and exhibiting behaviours not dissimilar to those of an ostrich. This isn’t restricted to my diet, but to anything where I don’t want to face something. It’s as though not opening credit card / bank statements means you’ve not maxed them out and you’ve plenty of dosh, whereas if you bury your head in the sand, your financial situation is perfectly stable šŸ™„. If there’s an email you don’t want to open, not doing so simply adds to the anxiety. With my weight, it was as though not getting on the scales meant I wasn’t that heavy…

Being an ostrich in this way serves only to delay the inevitable, in which time the situation will, more likely than not, deteriorate further. That email in your inbox will still need a response, but chances are you’ve now missed the deadline. That credit card limit will still be maxed out, but will increase through over limit charges, missed payment charges and so on. Those scales will still say you’re heavier than you maybe thought, but the longer you don’t weigh yourself, the more likely you are to just get heavier.

Seize the moment, open those letters, emails and step on those scales. That’s what I’ve done, and now the only way is up; it has to be!

Published by blastthatbabyblubber

As a first time mum at 42, with a lifelong battle with my weight; I created this blog to try and keep me motivated as I aim to #blastthatbabyblubber. My goal is to lose 6st over the next 15 months.

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